Mark E.

How did I start photography

I started photography as my hobby and to learn more about it. My family own a digital compact camera which I always use when I still didn’t have my first dSLR. I like to take photos of people and places when I’m traveling; when I don’t have either my digital compact camera or dSLR I use my iPhone to take the photo that I know it’ll be a good photo when its taken.

As young photographer who invested his time to learn photography to capture great and memorable photographs. As I progress and gaining more knowledge about photography I decided to use my knowledge to capture great photographs of people, places and etc and share them.

Apart from liking photography as a hobby, since I started learning Photoshop few years ago I thought it’d be good to combine these two. It’ll be easier for me to edit my own photos to my liking.

About Myself


Photography is a whole different objective of mine; before doing photography I studied Information Technology when I was at College I finished Level 3 Diploma in Information Technology and walked away with remarkable grades.

After College I got my first DSLR Camera as a gift from my Dad as I always wanted a camera, since then I started taking photographs of pretty much everything and it turned into a hobby. Even though I invest my time in photography I will still educate myself and finish my course/degree in Digital Media Development. I’ve been using my camera for a year now and everything I’ve learned about photography has been self taught.

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