Travel Photography

I was out somewhere for a shoot with my friend to assist her so I didn’t take my camera with me. I have my phone with me and use it instead just to kill sometime while waiting for the shoot to start. I managed to get some good result out of my phone using HDR feature as all the pictures i took are landscapes.

Examples of my iPhonegraphy


A bit of flash

I was bored before going to bed so I decided to have some flash photography in my bed with my laptop. I was inspired by some pictures similar to mine which I’ve seen so many times but I actually never tried it until the other night.

I also post-process the image already to give a little effect on the screen flashing some light to my face.

Effect: Soft white brush with any desired size, Gaussian & Motion blur play with the values until you find what you think its best, I duplicated the layer and above layer was set to softlight or overlay with below 50% Opacity just to give a little brightness to my face.

Flash Output: 1/128th Power
Camera Setting: 1/50th, F5.0, ISO400