Portrait is my main style of photography as I like taking photos of people to capture their moment and tell their story through photographs.  All images are only samples of their whole photoshoot pictures, others are kept somewhere and others are restricted due to owners permission.

Model: Susi

Location: Outdoor

About: The purpose of this photoshoot is to test my flash and some accessories so I contacted Susi to be my subject to try out my new equipments.

Model: Thea

Location: Frimley Green Park

About: Friends and I decided to do a photoshoot of Thea for fun at the park, here is one of my result of the photoshoot.

Model: Kenneth

Location: Farnborough

About: A fun shot of him sometime last month, we just randomly decided to do portrait of him whilst he was around as he lived in London.

Model: Natisha & Carlo

Location: Farnborough

About: We decided to go out at the field to do some fun shoot and to enjoy the sun.